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Instant Portraits— The Magic of Instant Film

Instant Portraits is a collection of instant film portraits and collages from professional and amateur photographers alike. 

About the Impossible Collective

The Impossible Collective is run entirely by artists who love the medium of instant film. Our goal is to capture and share the fleeting beauty that escapes a busy and chaotic world in a way that only film can. And now that Polaroid is back in the game, thousands of people are rediscovering this amazing form of photography and we hope to give exposure to artists/photographers around the world by showcasing your work. 

“Immediately, he was addicted to the mysterious magic of this incredible material and started to dive deeper. Surprisingly the world, including the Polaroid management itself, seemed to have totally lost faith in the relevance of instant film.”   —The Story of the Impossible Project

We seek to help restore the public's faith in instant film and share its magic as an art medium, as well as to inspire others to explore photography. We are supported by donations from instant film lovers and artists along with your subscriptions to the print edition of our magazine, which is set to release quarterly starting this upcoming Dec/Jan. However, we cannot do it without you. We need content, we need stories and most of all we need your adventures.

Experiment and explore.


Learn about taking double exposure photography on a Polaroid OneStep 2 or a OneStep+

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If you wish to submit your photos, please write an explanation of your photo as well as the type of camera and film used. If you wish to submit a full article regarding instant film or the subject of your photo, please use the following guidelines: 80-1500 words, double spaced with .doc or .docx format. Send to  |  If you have other questions, click the button below to contact us.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to buy more film (as you know it's very expensive!) print our magazine and share the amazing work of instant film photographers everywhere. Thank you for any donation.

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